What I Typically Eat in a Day

Got this idea from a post on Bloglovin so I have decided to do my own post and share it with you. I have been using an app called My Fitness Pal to track my eating and my daily calorie goal or maximum intake per day is 1200 calories.

What I eat:


  • Morvite instant porridge (300ml) - 172 calories


  • Sandwich consisting of : 2 slices of brown bread - 152 calories

5 grams cheddar cheese - 20 calories

2 large thick slices of tomato - 10 calories

3 grams of sliced onion - 1 calorie

1 slice of cold meat - 17 calories


  • Kit Kat Peanut Butter - 226 calories

  • Cappy orange juice (330ml) - 152


  • Stewed beef (50 grams) - 118 calories

  • White rice with lentils(1 cup cooked) - 360 calories

That brings us to a total of 1228 calories. I tend to exceed my daily maximum quite often but on the days that I do, I try to make time to exercise so that I can burn the excess calories off. This brings my daily calories back down to the daily limit of 1200 and sometimes even less.

If I remember correctly it was the app that calculated my recommended calorie intake when I input my goal. My goal is to go back to my body weight where I felt the most confident and I could wr my bikini without worrying about excess fat and bulges that made me feel uncomfortable.

Calorie tracking is a nice way to stay in shape if you are struggling to get to the gym, which was my situation when I started. I work out at home now by doing burpees, squats, skipping and TaeBo to name a few of my activities.

What I have learnt since using the My Fitness Pal app is that all the junk food I love is extremely high in calories and it doesn't even keep me full and neither does it give my body the nutrients it needs to function optimally. I was always feeling ill and having stomach aches so I am quite conscious of what I am eating now. 1 of my favourite Mc Donald's meals, the Chilli Cheese Double meal is so unhealthy! I eat it anyway but damn. Large fries alone from Mc Donald's are roughly 510 calories! That's 510 calories before I've even eaten my chillie cheeseburger and soda.

Be conscious of what you're putting in your bodies guys, especially during holidays and weekends. It's so easy to binge eat especially if you're eating while watching TV.

Eat healthily!

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