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Updated: May 13, 2020

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Today, joining us is a gentleman named Prakhar who LOVES to write. He used to be the type of guy who had no relation with books whatsoever and didn’t like reading or writing at all!

5 years ago her started his very first blog My Hunger Diary which is a food blog and he's been blogging ever since. He now has 5 different websites including EBJ Chronicles (for travel and tourism), AcEsque (for lifestyle), Curex Wing ( for tech, fashion, skin & hair care products) as well as Crops and Feather which has articles on spirits and colognes.

As you can tell, Parkhar is a pretty busy guy. Let's see what else he's about...

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy during the lockdown due to Corona Virus? Well! I think the lockdown due to corona virus is like a boon. We get so much of time for ourselves, our families; we get to do things we never could or just thought of doing but due to fast life, those thoughts never came in to action. On the other hand, people are moving towards work from home to keep the offices running, and so are we bloggers. Just the extra point is we have always been in work from home routine (if we are a full time blogger) or been blogging in our extra time (if not full time blogger). I am just utilising this time to write blogs in advance, let's say I am running a month ahead of my schedule now and also been able to focus more on SEO of my posts. Besides blogging, what else do you enjoy doing/what are your hobbies? Besides blogging, I like to travel a lot. In fact, I have a separate website for my travel experiences and a website for the tourist spots I have visited. But yeah, besides all this stuff I really like to work out for a couple of hours daily (at the gym) or play some outdoor sports in the evening. Though I have not been able to hit the gym during this lockdown, but it couldn't hold me from playing my favourite sport. We have a small society of four nuclear families and the interested 4-5 people gather daily evening for some game of cricket or badminton in the mini park we have for our society. BUT NO MOVING OUT AND WITH ALL SAFETY (Like wearing masks and keeping ourselves sanitised etc). How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently? Are you using any apps to assist you and which ones? I don't use any app to help manage time for my blogs but I do use physical planners to keep a check of daily minimum activities required. I am into a couple of other business projects too, but projects of my own so managing time is all up to me only. Shortage of time too doesn't really have to do anything because I generally prefer doing my blogging chores after midnight for a couple of hours, only when everyone else is asleep and it is all me time. By that time I have already completed my other daily and other projects tasks so there's nothing really occupying my mind or thoughts and can freely write blogs or do chores for it. Man! that is so peaceful. What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear, I actually have two. One is for blogging and one is because of blogging. And I think both can be stated genuine for a blogger's perspective. a) What if my content doesn't reach the mass audience and it remains stuck in the bottle only. b) What if I come up short of my other activities/projects/chores because of my devotion to blogging. It is not like I can pursue blogging full time and think of it as a prime, but the other projects I am working on too have got some part of me involved for my personal desire.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose and why? Haha! Well, answer to this would be very mean of me. But ok! I will answer this. Actually there's not a single superpower I can state I would like to have. I have been very inspired by the X-Men superheroes. My favourite characters are Prof. X, Mystique, Jean Grey, Wolverine and Apocalypse but all for the meaner me.

All the stated characters have unique sets of abilities and I really can use them to save a lot of time and effort and do so much. Prof. X can be at one place reach to anyone and everyone in the world through his mind and wouldn't that be a wonderful way to spread a word about my blogs (chuckles). Mystique can transform into anyone, that too can widely benefit for my blogs, as I can transform myself to someone really very influential and spread a word in the world about my websites in a promotional manner. Jean Grey too can benefit me just like Prof X but can also help save time by moving objects. I won't have to leave the place and spend time to get anything, but can just get things to me with that power. And at last, Apocalypse, this is the character whose power I would really like to have as this guy could really have all the powers he wants. If I would like to have one superpower, that would be of Apocalypse and then I can have the powers of Prof. X, Mystique, Jean Grey, Wolverine and any other character who can benefit me or my blog. 😇 Besides, I am a very big DC fan. Who are some of your favourite bloggers and why? My favourite blogs would be Huffington Post by Arriana Huffington, Mashable by Pete Cashmore, Gizmodo by Peter Rojas. You know what all of them have in common, it is their DA (93). There are times when we feel less motivated or look for something different while writing for our new blog. People have different ways to tackle them, I like to read some posts from above-mentioned blogs and fuse my writing style with some of those. The result is what motivates me to keep writing then as the write up then comes out to be really very attractive and different. Also, there are sometimes something new to learn from their posts; be it their writing style, new words, newer SEO practices etc. Plus their websites, how nicely designed and neatly maintained they are. What have been your biggest achievements so far; in blogging and life? I consider all my collaborations as my achievements, there have been a few. To name them would be Jack Daniels, Alcis, Regenta Hotels, Brij Vasundhara, Le Meridien, Amaira Scarves, British Museum, Royal Challengers Bangalore (IPL), World Graffiti, India Runway Week etc. What did you want to be when you were younger and what are you now? Are you enjoying it and why? I have always wanted to be a restauranteur and I have been 1 in the past only leave that part behind completely. I failed miserably, and I can't say the blame was ours completely but of government too. In the sixth month of my restaurant, government over-nightly changed the policies and which caused me to shut my restaurant because we didn't want to do anything that is not approved by government irrespective of the fact that it was stated illegal just a night back and was fine before that. So the fluctuations of regulations in the restaurant industry caused me to leave all that behind and move on. Now I am into blogging for the past four years and have tried my hand in a couple of other jobs too, along with my blogging. All was well but the jobs don't really let you do anything else side by side so I took off from the idea of working for someone else and have been working on a couple of business projects of my own now. Yes, I am enjoying this as I can do the work as I feel the work should be done, I can manage the time and resources as I feel best and there is no one else to blame if anything doesn't work out.

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing young women today? I really don't think we have any gender-specific problems in the world. It's all just a matter of perspective, how you see it or how you let the world mold it or mold you. If you see, we have both men and women in the front in every sector you can imagine. So it won't be justifiable to say men or women face problems in certain areas. And if anyone is facing any challenge then they should learn to tackle them as an individual as all men or women too; are not same. What is the most difficult challenge you've ever had to overcome and how did you overcome it? The most challenging for me was the second half of 2018 and first half of 2019. I had my websites seeing very much inconsistency. I was in a job and that time I was not getting enough time to work for my websites. I had a lot of content but just couldn’t find enough time to write or to keep the blogs alive. Then my father’s health was very much declining which led me to leave the job and relocate to my home town. Relocating did give me sufficient time to write but then I was lacking content. Gracefully my dad is healthy now and I am a full-time blogger. I am taking up as many collaborations as I can and generating content. For 3 domains, I currently am having the content for up to 3 years.

Another challenge that I have mostly faced is my social media profiles. I am not much of an Instagrammer (as they prefer to refer themselves). There's nothing I can say I did to overcome the obstacles but all I can say is when you are yourself invested in something and see things going south and yet you are not willing to give up on that, it is then, things happen to turn everything around for you and help you overcome the challenges. So as in my case, things happened on their own, I just didn't have to give in.

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A big thank you to Prakhar for joining us here today. I'm sure you guys have enjoyed having him just as much as I have and I must say he is one of the busiest bloggers I have gotten the pleasure of interviewing. I really appreciate him taking the time to do this fun little interview with us.

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