How "Weird & Liberated" Was Born

You may not know this but I actually started blogging in about 2012/13. I used to go by Weird20Something but so much has changed since then. Let me tell you the story of how this here blog was born...

At a stage in my life, I was a full-time student at university. I attended Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa (now Nelson Mandela University). Looking back I've grown so much and that was by far the lowest point in my life thus far. Man... I've been through A LOT.

So, I had been dating this guy at university and the relationship was rough. Yeah, the good times were great but the bad was terrible. I guess that was a point in my life when I generally felt like everything was pointless. Meaningless. I mean my grades at school were atrocious. I wasn't making all that many friends and my life was just not how I had hoped it would be at that stage. It was like the more effort I put in, the worse things got. I needed to do something drastic just to feel some excitement and break my routine, you know; "spice up my life", so I did.

So I started dating this boy while I was with someone else (shitty I know) but it was so invigorating. It was like I had found the excitement and passion I was looking for. It was like my life had some extra oomph shoved back into it. I had gotten to a point where I was just going through the motions and I was tired of it.

I had a boyfriend I'd been dating for 2 years or so but I had really started dreading it. I would be with him and getting annoyed about things that shouldn't have been annoying. I would be bitchy towards him and myself not understanding why I was being that way. So when an opportunity came for me to get a taste of something fresh I grabbed it with both hands and dived in headfirst.

I'm not going to drag this story on long but the relationship was how should I put it; challenging. Man, it was hard. He drank a lot but hey, I was in love. The downs were terrible and but the ups I loved. When he left, it was like my whole world came crashing down, so I turned to writing. There were things that I couldn't talk about with the people around me so I started a blog and wrote about them. When I first started blogging, I didn't really think about getting an audience or the quality of my content. I didn't really worry about people reading my posts because initially, I just needed to get all the negativity out. That's when Weird20Something was born. My first ever blog!

I sort of forgot about my blog for a few years then one day I randomly opened my browser remembering I had started a website, thankfully I still remembered my login info so I went through the posts. Man, they were terrible, extremely depressing, full of typos, and not to mention I didn't even sound like myself; so I deleted all the depressing stuff and gave my site a makeover.

Feeling inspired and with a new optimistic look on life, I decided to completely rebrand my blog to go along with the new me. I changed the title to Weird & Liberated because that's how I was feeling - LIBERATED! I had let go of all of the negativity and pain from my past.

My sister, who studied creative brand communication, designed my logo and did my Avatar for me and I got started creating some fresh, unique content. She was actually the one who introduced me to Wix. It's all thanks to her that this blog has gotten to where it is today. If she hadn't encouraged me to continue blogging; I might have quit!

I have loved writing since high school. That was my favourite thing about English. I didn't get excited about the literature part, I just wanted to write essays. I would pour so much effort into my English essays. I wrote, edited and rewrote every essay I ever submitted like 5 times trying to get it just write. It didn't even feel like work to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Today I can proudly say that my writing and blogging skills have improved drastically. If you had seen my site when it started, you'd be quite impressed by just how far I've come since then. I know I am.

So that's the story of how Weird & Liberated was born...


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