Goals For July

We all know about the importance of goal-setting.

Why should we set goals?

Well, they give us a sense of purpose and direction and help us gauge whether or not we're on the right track.

I've decided to share my goals for this month with you guys in the hopes that putting them out there will force me to get off my ass and smash 'em.


Find A Job

This one is gonna be tough given the state of the economy but I'm hopeful.

I really need one though because I can't afford to fund my studies right now. I haven't even received last semester's exam results because I owe fees.

Lose enough weight to go back to my size 6 pants

I think right now I'm actually an 8 and I'm not all that surprised by my weight gain considering I ate a lot of crap and I didn't exercise enough.

I need to lose about 3 kgs and I'll be good to go!

To do that I'm going to be more active, ride my mom's stationary bike more often, and try to do a physical activity every day.

Oh, I need to cut down on the snacking too...

Read at least 3 books

If I want to reach my reading goal of 20 Books for 2020 then I really need to pick up the pace. I've already started reading 1 so I'm on the right track.

I'll be writing a post on the books I've read sometime soon so be on the lookout for that.

Complete Chloe Tings workout challenge

My sister and I started Chloe's workout challenge on YouTube.

It started out pretty well and we were energetic and consistent then we ended up taking 2 rest days and before we knew it a week had gone by.

This month come hell or high water we are finishing this challenge!

Reach 1k followers on Twitter & increase engagement

I am currently on 965 which isn't that far off.

I have also noted that my following doesn't match up with my engagement so I am hoping to increase my social media engagement on all platforms.

If you haven't set yourself any goals for this month yet don't fret, it's not too late.

I hope you guys have a successful month and keep pushing towards your goals.


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