Fitness for Those Who Hate Gym/Exercising

Updated: Jul 26

We don't all enjoy breaking a sweat like I do I know but being active is part of a healthy lifestyle. There are plenty of alternatives to gym that you can try if you're not a fitness fanatic and they are just as effective and healthy.

With health problems such as obesity and diabetes; it's become increasingly important for us to lead healthy lifestyles. Our busy work schedules have also made it increasingly difficult to balance fitness activities and work but somehow we need to find a way to find a balance.

Being physically active is just as important as eating healthy and following a well-balanced diet.

So what can you do if you don't like the gym? Try...

  • Walking

  • Riding your bike around your neighborhood

  • Skipping (my netball coach in high school suggested 200 skips a day are enough to keep you in shape)

  • Swimming

  • Yoga

  • Get a Wii Fit; it's a gaming console but it's designed to keep you fit while having fun.

  • Go climbing (rock climbing, mountain climbing; whatever floats your boat)

  • Take dance classes

Fitness comes with many added benefits besides weight management. It's a great stress reliever (well keeping fit is a stress reliever), you enjoy better quality sleep and increases energy levels. Just try doing any of these activities for 1 month then you'll see the difference.

I'm sure there are more activities you can think of that you can add to my list. The point is that not liking the gym is not an excuse not to look after your body. Find something that will get you off your butt and get that heart pumping so you can break a sweat. You need to stay in shape!

If you don't want to go it alone; get your family and kids involved and turn fitness into a bonding activity for the whole family.

Keeping fit and healthy doesn't have to be a bore, make it fun and try to incorporate it into your daily life.

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