February Wrap-Up & What's Up For March

Damn guys! 2020 sure is moving fast. If we don't get moving fast as well, we just might get left behind!

We're already in the 3rd month of the year which means we're a quarter of the way through 2020, jeepers!

So here's what I've been up to:

Since load-shedding had made a comeback, I gave you some tips on things to do during load shedding.

We had chats with some awesome bloggers on Meet the Blogger namely; Connie, Tranquil Trekker, Harshit, and Alex. If you missed those interviews then go check em out!

Seemingly the end of Feb came with the end of my job. The economy in South Africa is really struggling and many major companies are retrenching so I'm not surprised as the company I work for, well worked for works under Eskom so if Eskom is having trouble then... I don't know how the heck I'm going to fund my life right now but have confidence that I will figure something out and at least I have unemployment insurance to fall back on. Hopefully, I can find a new job soon though, fingers crossed.

On the school front, my registration was finally finalized but I'm doing fewer modules than I had hoped to do because I couldn't get enough money in time. I'm just grateful that at least I got to register some modules because it would have so disappointing if I didn't manage to register any on time. I have already completed all of the assignments that are due this month so kudos to me! If I had known that I wouldn't be working like I was before I would have taken on more school work from the get-go but oh well...

It's crazy and scary just how many people are struggling when it comes to employment in South Africa, both the educated and especially the uneducated. It's tough out here! Let's hope the tables will turn sooner rather than later.

I hope to do more blogging since I will have more time on my hands but I have been feeling really uninspired lately so I haven't done any writing. Let's hope that's gonna change soon...

I am looking forward to the next month in the hopes that it will bring new inspiration and positivity. My younger sister is graduating so I'm looking forward to attending the ceremony especially since it's the same weekend as my mom's birthday so we get to spend mom's birthday in Cape Town! Yay! Not so long ago I was worried about getting leave to attend, little did I know that that issue would sort itself out lmao...

I have been bingeing so much on these crime YouTubers. Oh, my word they are my new addiction!

As you all know, I am always looking for more bloggers to feature in my Meet the Blogger series, so if you'd like to be featured please drop me an email at weird20something@gmail.com and I'll get back to you ASAP. ALL NICHES WELCOME!

Thank you guys for your ongoing love and support.

Here's to doing better and going harder in the upcoming month!

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