April Wrap-Up

Today marks the end of yet another month and I must say that even though we're only a few months into the year; it feels like way longer than that given that so much has happened. Our daily lives have changed drastically due to the effects of the Corona Virus.

On the personal front, the lockdown hasn't changed my life all that much considering I was always at home anyways since I lost my job. To be honest; being at home feels a hell of a lot more different when it's not out of choice because now, even if I want to leave and o chill elsewhere, I can't. It's for our own safety that this rule has been put in place but it sucks nonetheless.

So what have we been up to on the blog?

We got to meet some stunning fellow bloggers in the Meet the Blogger series. We interviewed bloggers Paris of The Rebirth of Paris C who is CEO of The Paris Chanel Agency, Akin Chaktty another busy blogger as well as Prakhar. If you haven't checked those blogger interviews out yet then you can catch them here.

Social distancing has become a way of life for us. I spoke about how you can keep yourself busy while social distancing. If you're getting bored or looking for something else to do under lockdown then you should definitely check this post out. It's not easy for many people during this time of quarantine especially those who can't be with their families. I hope you guys are keeping safe and educated on the pandemic we are currently facing. I know it's tough but remember that we're all in this together.

Many of us are preparing to write our exams online next month, now this isn't a new thing for me because as a UNISA student I've written online exams before but it may be a first for many of you. Just relax and do your best. You got this! Spend this time studying hard and preparing for your future. Try to stay positive.

I have also finally managed to find a decent laptop that I can afford so I can stop complaining and struggling with this one lol. So grateful laptops are essential items otherwise I don't know what would happen if I'm forced to write online exams with a laptop that just decides to check out slap bang in the middle of typing a sentence without warning. It's a miracle really that I have managed to type this blog post out and finish it.

I was hoping to do a hell of a lot more blogging during this time but my inspiration seems to have taken a dip. Sometimes I sit down to write a post and the words just escape me. Hopefully, this is something I will get over pretty soon.

This pandemic has negatively affected all of us; especially the poor and less fortunate. Let's try our best to be kind and compassionate towards one another and lend a helping hand where we can. Stay active and eat healthily. Take your vitamins and boost your immune system. If you can get a flu shot before the flu season takes over I think it would be a good idea to do so.

This lockdown has also deeply emphasized just how much I need my own space. A place all to myself where I can freely do what I want to when I want to and actually have a choice as to whether or not I want company. I really need to get a good job when al this is over so I can afford my own place but for now, all that I can do is try to stay positive and work hard.

What would you be interested in seeing me talk about? Let me know in the comments.

If you would like to get in touch with me I can be contacted at weird20something@gmail.com, whether you would like to guest post on my blog or you're interested in being interviewed in the Meet the Blogger series.

Good luck to all those preparing for exams. Let's do our best and ace them!


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